Менеджер проектов в PointPay

Уровень: Middle
Зарплата: от 240 000 до 360 000 ₽/мес. до налогов
Местоположение офиса: Удалёнка
Возможна удаленная работа: Да
Помощь с релокацией: Нет
Опубликовано: 05.08.2022

Описание вакансии

  • Formulate what to do with the company's products, in particular, the crypto-exchange;
  • Form long-term and short-term product development plans;
  • Participate in the discussion of the best and most effective solutions for the project;
  • Communicate daily with members of the management team, designers and development team;
  • Coordinate team activities;
  • Control the timing of tasks;
  • Accompany the finished project.
Ожидания от кандидата
  • Experience and knowledge 3+ years experience in project management based on Agile principles;
  • Experience in managing large-scale financial and IT complex products;
  • Skills of decomposing and defining detailed tasks for technical teams;
  • Ability to prioritize, calculate key performance indicators;
  • Excellent communication skills with developers and business stakeholders;
  • Strong understanding of the development process;
  • Ability to take responsibility for the end result, support and development of the current project;
  • Ability to seek and offer non-standard solutions to problems that could help us to overtake competitors.
  • 5/2 remote work and flexible schedule;
  • Interesting and lively projects, non-standard tasks, the ability to influence the product;
  • Lack of bureaucracy;
  • Real growth prospects and opportunities to develop your skills in a global company by developing and implementing your ideas for our huge community of users.
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