Продуктовый аналитик в LegionFarm

Уровень: Senior
Зарплата: от 205 000 до 345 000 ₽/мес. до налогов
Местоположение офиса: Стамбул (Турция)
Возможна удаленная работа: Да
Помощь с релокацией: Нет
Опубликовано: 16.09.2022

Описание вакансии

О Компании
LegionFarm is a platform created for gamers by gamers. This is a place where you can hire PRO players for in-game coaching and assistance services in a variety of games loved by millions.
Funded by Y Combinator, Twitch co-founder, and dozens of VCs and Angels. The LegionFarm platform is used by gamers from 50+ countries around the world. We are a USA-based company, headquartered in San Francisco, with an operating team in Istanbul, Amsterdam and Singapore.
  • Work with the product team and help them make the right decisions and test hypotheses based on data;
  • Reactive at first, your job will mostly consist of answering the questions like "how has user behavior changed since we rolled out this feature?";
  • Dive into all of the team's current A/B tests and take over their analysis;
  • Develop a plan to improve your A/B testing processes and start implementing it;
  • Work in sprint format with applications for analytical products;
  • We’ll want to see a higher level of involvement and proactiveness from you. It’s your time to start generate ideas and improvements;
  • Create and justify a unified system of sensitive metrics, that can be used to improve our product in all future prototypes;
  • Build an “industrial” A/B testing process that will offer a consistent and systematic improvement of the service creating a positive impact on the on the company’s key metrics;
  • Develop a culture of conducting and analyzing A/B tests at the company level.
Ожидания от кандидата
  • Knowledge of SQL, Python. You can independently model, validate metrics, analyze test results;
  • Be an A/B testing guru, no less. Experience in "industrial" A/B testing - from idea to result analysis;
  • Deep understanding of statistics and frameworks for conducting experiments: potential pitfalls, current experimental methodologies, etc;
  • Experience in developing complex interactive reports in Tableau (priority), Amplitude or another data visualisation tool;
  • Be able to decompose abstract business tasks such as “how to increase sales” into measurable indicators, understand business processes, clearly tell others about the results of the analysis;
  • Critical thinking. It is necessary to be able to get to the bottom of the task and find its solution in the best way, and not just give a set of data that the manager asked for. If you found the answer to the question faster and in a less expensive way - well done;
  • Ability to explain complex things in simple terms. You can present the results of the work to the team or the whole company. It's great if there is a desire to share experience at conferences or internal meetups;
  • Be able to speak and write in English at a level not lower than Upper-Intermediate (B2);
  • You love and play video-games;
  • At least 2 years experience in a similar position.
  • Remote work or hybrid/office if you are in Istanbul;
  • Flexibility. We value awareness and involvement. You’ll be able to organize your working day personally. The start of the day is flexible. Results are what’s most important to us;
  • Equity. Your role is vital for the business, and we want you to share our future success;
  • An incredible young team, where you can always count on the support of like-minded individuals who are ready to discuss even the wildest ideas.
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